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The Company

Bolsiplast S.A. was founded in 1976, leader and pioneer in development of flexible high quality packaging.

It has a quality management system according to ISO 9001 version 2008 that contributes to effective planning, operation, control and tracking of processes.

The leading European technology makes a difference in the item and give added value to the final product.

It supplies its products to industries that produce and / or packaged dairy, meat, noodles, rice, sugar, yerba mate, coffee, flour, beverages, snacks, juices, soups and powdered milk, coal, yeast, pet food, grains and cereals in general, soaps, detergents, sausages, chicken, etc.. It exports its products to countries like Bolivia, Brazil, United States, Canada, Germany, Saudi and others.

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In pursuit of customer satisfaction, Bolsiplast S.A. has the best and latest European technology in the field, among them we can highlight the best Extrusion machinery Co online control, in addition to several printers that offer superior quality that meets the market need and a greater diversity When choosing the type of printing because it can be from 2 to 8, thus achieving perfect color definition and image sharpness of colors.

Among the latest additions can include a printer without gearless gears which optimizes times faster deliveries allowing a unique quality. 

He has co-extruders, extruders, printers, solventless laminators, cutters, orioles, picks, manufacturer of labels and rewinding. 

Co-Extrusion: The only in our country with capacity of controlling the exact dosage of the components of the extrusion during processing, resulting in a homogeneous material (the micron is constant) that generates a high yield of product on the client machine.

Co-extruded materials have the following characteristics: 

  • Resistance to impact, punching 
  • High sealability 
  • Barrier against gas, electricity 
  • Excellent slip 
  • Provides higher performance in the container as micron is achieved under the same mechanical properties as a monolayer film with a thickness exceeding 

Printers: These are of European origin, capable of printing at high speeds and still maintain a constant print quality, the process is constantly monitored by cameras that capture all kinds of variations during production.

Inputs and raw materials, imported from the best suppliers worldwide to ensure the quality between the inputs can include lumps, additives, adhesives and inks. 

These companies have advanced technology for monitoring the process due in addition to providing ongoing training to all staff.

Digital Printing plates: to improve the resolution of images in print; Bolsiplast S.A. choose to use digital duplicator that unlike conventional ensure better printing definition in addition to these materials have high performance and functional machine. 

Laboratory Bolsiplast S.A. has a laboratory equipped with instruments calibrated and certified by regulators at the national level, ensuring the accuracy of the checks made during the various processes, they are provided by highly trained qualified staff for all relevant physical analysis and make quality management.

It also has a system for measuring color density that optimizes print quality.Standardized the process to avoid color variations. 

The extrusion process is controlled by measurements of COF during measurements, ie coefficient of friction (slip) that is ideal for pre-set technical specifications provided by the customer. Also controlled parameters such as seal strength between the materials, which in turn can determine the optimum temperature ranges of the material, rolling force which measures the strength of adhesion between materials in a mill. 

It should be noted the acquisition of control equipment such as a chromatograph, spectrophotometer, dynamometer.

The company has since 2000 with application design, production and marketing of flexible packaging. This contributes to the documentation and records of all business processes in the organization and production. 

Our products have a health certificate issued by the Department of INTN PACKAGING AND PACKAGE.